OPS PLAN: Operations Planner

The Ops Planner (OPS PLAN) is responsible for developing, coordinating and monitoring execution of the daily schedule of activities on the ISS. The daily activities are organized in a Short-Term Plan (STP), which provides necessary information to carry out each day's activities - both for the crews on the ISS and on the ground. If the day's activities are not completed and need to be rescheduled, the OPS PLAN also provides input to the Long Range Planning (LRP) team.

The OPS PLAN also receives additional support from the Operations Data File (ODF) console, located in the Ops Planner Multi-purpose Support Room (MPSR), or the "back-room". The ODF console works with the flight control team through the OPS PLAN, and is responsible for ensuring the crew has the correct procedure for each scheduled activity. As a crew procedure may require a change at any time, the ODF console will ensure the corrected procedures are onboard the ISS.