Console Handbooks

The International Space Station (ISS) is monitored constantly by teams of flight controllers in the Mission Control Center. Each flight controller has unique knowledge of the core system(s) or secondary system(s) that they monitor. The flight controllers sit at a workstation, or console within the Mission Control Center. On the consoles there are numerical and graphical displays of information relating to their console position. These displays are updated regularly with data retrieved from the ISS.

To help understand the complex systems of the ISS, each console position has a Console Handbook. These handbooks help the flight controller understand the data collected from the ISS. The console handbooks include all types of data that are needed for the successful operation of the console position.

Many different kinds of data are transmitted from the ISS on a regular basis. The console handbook contains information on the systems they monitor, and how theses systems relate to the safe and continuous operation of the ISS and its crew on a day-to-day basis. The console handbook may contain everything on how a complicated system works, to why a button onboard the ISS is a specific color and what that color means.